Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kid's bedroom makeover

This room was featured on Design Sponge!
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My girl's room has been Lenox Tan for over  a year now. I love non-traditional colors for kids rooms. I wanted something that could work for all 3 of my girls. Since it is a tiny room, I wanted it to be non-claustrophobic and and  very calming. I was very excited to see that tans are coming back in style.  

And I was totally inspired by super-talented Tara's use of paper butterflies. I had to be a copy cat. :)
 I painted all of the garage sale frames I had accumulated over the years.
And then collaged them on the walls. The paper butterfly's are just cutouts from book pages stuck on with a bit of foam tacky tape.

The headboards were a church sale find. $20 for both. The footboards are in storage until they have bigger rooms.

I am trying to decide what to do about the valances, if I keep them or not.

I found this bamboo birdcage for $8 and painted it white, hung it on a ribbon from the ceiling and added some little flutterby's. It's kind of neat because when the windows are open it drifts just  a bit and the little wings kind of flap in the breeze.

The best part is; I took the book pages from a copy of "Little Women."

And the reason the beds are slightly off center is the little peanut sleeps over in the corner.

Someday when she get s big girl bed we are going to have to reconfigure the room  a bit; but we'll make it work.
You can read more about this room featured on Design Sponge